martes, 6 de mayo de 2008


The objective is create a multi-language chat using the Google Ajax Language API (google.GALA)

First: I just located a php chat system. And it works very well.
Now, we need to patch this library to do the translation of the chat messages to different languages

The result is the follow:

GALA has at the moment 2 methods:

google.language.detect(text, function(result) {});
Detects the language of the string text.

google.language.translate("Hello world", "en", "es", function(result){});
Translates the text from one language to other.

From English you can translate to all others and “vice versa”. But the other languages haven’t direct translation between them.
For Example you haven’t direct translation from Spanish to German, in this cases the system do a double translation: from Spanish to English, and from English to German.

I just defined the fist module blablel.js with the JavaScript code.

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